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Family Mediation

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Family mediation is a process best suited for low-conflict divorces, particularly if there are children but not a lot of financial assets involved. Both spouses meet with the mediator and negotiate a parenting plan, a financial support plan, and a division of the assets that do exist. 

In a traditional divorce, each spouse hires and pays their own attorney, paying by the hour. Since each spouse has a a different goal, and both attorneys are billing for every minute they work on the case, this gets very expensive overall. 

In a mediation, both spouses are working towards the same goal, and only one attorney is billing for that time, leaving significantly more money for the spouses to keep for themselves when the divorce is finalized. Both spouses are looking for

a low-conflict resolution, but still require a professional third party to guide them through the process and make sure the law is followed appropriately and the outcome is fair. 

JD Denny is a certified family mediation specialist and genuinely believes that divorce and child custody decisions do not need to be high-conflict. 

We offer a free 60-minute consultation.

Call or email to schedule an appointment today. 

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