Felony Defense

Ranging from relatively minor Class 6 felonies all the way up to the most serious of crimes, felony defense is an area where you, as a defendant, should never rely on your own understanding of the law. You may not even want to risk using court-appointed counsel.

There are six classes of felonies in Arizona; Class 1 is the most serious and Class 6 includes the least serious offenses. Class 6 felonies can often be resolved with a diversion program in which classes, drug testing, or mental health evaluations can result in a dismissal of the charges. However, depending on the facts and the past criminal background of a defendant, even Class 6 felonies can be aggravated into more serious charges.


Additionally, crimes that could be classified as minor in nature can be charged as a more serious offense when certain factors are present such as the use of a weapon, serious injury to the victim or involving minor children in the conduct. Because aggravating factors like these can turn a simple case into a very serious one, complete honesty with your lawyer is a must as your attorney cannot give good legal advice without all the facts and circumstances that bear down on your case

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A common problem with legal representation is having an attorney who has the time for your case and who will prioritize your needs to ensure your case is handled with urgency and competency. Having served as a prosecutor and a defense attorney, I am able to evaluate a case and determine the best course of action and case plan. I manage a small, boutique law firm that specializes in personalized service. Because of this, I am able to give you and your case the attention you deserve. 

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