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Personal Injury

When you are injured and need compensation, having an attorney is one the of the best financial decisions you can make. Insurance companies exist to make a profit. In order to do this, they often take advantage of the fact that you feel you need money fast or they hope you don't know enough about your case to properly advocate for yourself. More often than not, results in unreasonable settlements or no compensation at all.

Hiring an experienced attorney allows you to show the insurance companies that you are serious and that you will see your case through to the end. Even after a settlement is reached, you need representation to ensure that you hold on to as much of the money as possible. Your insurance company will likely seek a portion of the compensation, or creditors (such as doctors, hospitals, and other service providers) will refuse to negotiate, knowing that a large settlement gives you the opportunity to pay them much more than they are entitled to. 

Aggressive legal counsel is absolutely essential.

personal injury

Most insurance companies and hospitals can be negotiated into much smaller payments than initially demanded. This provides much-needed income to cover time off from work or other mounting expenses.

If you have been in an accident, you should not speak to anyone, especially not insurance companies, about the case until you have sought legal counsel. Any statements made to an insurance company or others can damage a case and make settlement and compensation difficult, reduced, or even impossible.

I have represented clients in cases related to car accidents, motorcycle accidents, slip and fall injuries, and medical malpractice. Personal Injury cases are usually conducted on a contingency fee; I don't get paid until you get paid. 

We offer a free 60-minute consultation.

Call or email to schedule an appointment today. 

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